classic bonbons


Available exclusively in our Factory Shop and Farmers Market booth, and monthly selections in our Chocolate Subscription Boxes. ℘ vegan/dairy-free

caramelized maple sugar log

Caramelized Maple Sugar Dark Chocolate Log petit dark 61% Peruvian chocolate logs filled with Coombs Family Farms maple sugar & Deer Ridge Farm maple syrup  caramelized with Butterworks Farm organic buttermilk

maple walnut cobblestone

Maple Walnut Créme Cobblestone shiny dark chocolate cube with a toasted, salted walnut submerged in pure, creamy Runamok Maple maple fondant ℘

queen bee cup

Queen Bee Cup smooth, creamy Vermont Peanut Butter Company peanut butter with Singing Cedars Apiaries raw Vermont honey in a Venezuelan dark chocolate cup, dusted with bee pollen 

vermont chocolate pecan maple caramel turtle

Vermont Turtle our take on a classic, petit dark chocolate shells filled with our maple sugar caramel & topped with a toasted pecan

Honey Saffron Puffball Mushroom rich Venezuelan white chocolate with Singing Cedars Apiaries honey, Thomas Dairy heavy cream & Spanish saffron with a pinch of ancient sea bed salt from Utah, hand-dipped in white chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder

pommeau pave

Pommeau Pavé tender, melt in your mouth dark chocolate ganache spiked with Putney Mountain Winery’s local apple brandy, dredged in cocoa powder & Coombs Family Farms maple powder

forest path bonbon

Forest Path Bonbon earthy little tiles strewn with locally foraged evergreen, matcha green tea and salt & pepper dark chocolate soil, with a dark chocolate pinecone on a bed of creamy dark milk chocolate

deep mint

Deep Mint Bonbon 75% dark chocolate ganache-filled leaves infused with organic fresh local basil & mint from our garden (or housemade extracts from our summer garden during the winter months)

bleu hour dome

Bleu Hour Celestial Dome an earthy, rich ganache made from 41% Venezuelan milk chocolate blended with Vermont’s award-winning Bayley Hazen Blue cheese, enrobed in a crisp, shiny dark chocolate dome, like a Vermont dusk sky

figs dipped

Dipped Figs dried Tena & Black Mission figs from California dipped in dark chocolate. Pure & simple ℘

Xocolatl Pyramid bittersweet dark chocolate, avocado & coconut milk ganache blended with dried chilis & our own blend of spices based on traditional Mayan recipes, in a crisp dark chocolate pyramid. Banana-y, tropical flavor notes with a little bit of heat ℘


Grown-up PB&J Vermont Peanutbutter Company peanut butter layered with Blake Hill Preserves Irish Whiskey orange marmalade in a dark chocolate cup, sprinkled with Atlantic Saltworks Rye Whiskey barrel-smoked sea salt ℘

chocolate mendiants

Chocolate Mendiants pure dark ℘, milk & white chocolate medallions decorated with seasonal deliciousness at the whim of the chocolatier

choco geology banner website  choco geo box

Chocolate Geology a collection of five rock inspired bonbons with solid dark, milk and white chocolates studded with nuts, salts and cacao nibs. Purchase here.

smoked praline geodes

Smoked Praline Geode a walnut, pecan, almond & hazelnut caramelized with Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind Vermont smoked maple syrup, swimming in dark chocolate ℘

White Chocolate Salted Cashew Granite cashews swimming in cocoa-butter-rich white chocolate, dusted with Atlantic Saltworks flaked sea salt

slate tiles

Vermont Slate crisp 73% dark chocolate blended with just a pinch of Atlantic Saltworks briny sea salt ℘


Milk Chocolate Schist 43% dark milk chocolate chards embedded with layers of cacao nibs & red hawaiian sea salt

choco marble

Chocolate Marble creamy, cocoa butter -rich white chocolate swirled with caramel-y dark milk chocolate

Forage Collection forage collection box Forage Collection Detail

Our Forage Collection of chocolate truffles are made from foraged mushrooms, Vermont dairy & other locally sourced ingredients for an umami-rich, earthy flavor experience you won’t find anywhere else

Frost Truffle in honor of the native Brattleboro frost’s bolete mushroom, we use dried porcini from France & blend in locally foraged when available, & pair it with burnt caramel in dark chocolate ganache, add a touch of homegrown dried rosemary, & hand-dip it in dark chocolate dusted with French mahogany cocoa powder

Black Trumpet Truffle earthy, peaked domes of locally foraged Black Trumpet mushrooms from Terrafunga in 80% dark chocolate ganache made with Vermont heavy cream & Runamok Maple’s pecan smoked maple syrup, hand dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with black cocoa powder

White Truffle earthy cocoa butter-rich white chocolate ganache made with Vermont heavy cream & browned butter, infused with swirls of musky Italian white truffle mushroom oil, hand rolled & dusted with mahogany cocoa powder

Chanterelle Truffle creamy dark milk chocolate ganache made with sweet Vermont heavy cream infused with locally foraged chanterelle mushrooms from Terrafunga, topped with a thin crunchy layer of sliced almonds, & dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder

Chaga Mushroom Truffle a blend of dark & milk chocolates fortified with Vermont foraged chaga mushroom tea & locally harvested & crafted black birch syrup, hand rolled & dusted with black cocoa powder

teachers gifts

Boxed Classic Bonbons select classic bites boxed & ready for giving

℘ vegan/dairy-free



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