classic bonbons


Available exclusively in our Factory Shop and Farmers Market booth, and select collections in our Online Shop…….. ℘ vegan/dairy-free

caramelized maple sugar log

Caramelized Maple Sugar Dark Chocolate Log petit dark 61% Peruvian chocolate logs filled with a rich confection reminiscent of classic maple sugar candy in texture but with a deep caramel flavor. Made from Coombs Family Farms maple sugar & Deer Ridge Farm maple syrup caramelized with Butterworks Farm organic buttermilk 

maple walnut cobblestone

Maple Walnut Créme Cobblestone shiny dark chocolate cube with a toasted, salted walnut submerged in pure, creamy Runamok Maple maple fondant ℘

queen bee cup

Queen Bee Cup smooth, creamy freshly ground peanut butter with Singing Cedars Apiaries raw Vermont honey in a Venezuelan dark chocolate cup, dusted with bee pollen 

vermont chocolate pecan maple caramel turtle

Vermont Turtle our take on a classic, petit dark chocolate shells filled with our maple sugar caramel & topped with a toasted pecan

Honey Saffron Puffball Mushroom rich Venezuelan white chocolate with Singing Cedars Apiaries honey, Thomas Dairy heavy cream & Spanish saffron with a pinch of ancient sea bed salt from Utah, hand-dipped in white chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder


Seasonal Pavé tender, melt in your mouth dark chocolate ganache spiked with Putney Mountain Winery’s local fruit liqueurs, dredged in cocoa powder

forest path bonbon

Forest Path Bonbon earthy little tiles strewn with locally foraged evergreen, matcha green tea and salt & pepper dark chocolate soil, with a dark chocolate pinecone on a bed of creamy dark milk chocolate

milk & honey bonbon

Milk & Honey Bonbon an ode to our hard-working pollinators, delightful milk chocolate bee skep with crisp bits of local raw honey honeycomb toffee

deep mint

Deep Mint Bonbon 75% dark chocolate ganache-filled leaves infused with organic fresh local basil & mint from our garden (or housemade extracts from our summer garden during the winter months)

figs dipped

Dipped Figs dried Tena & Black Mission figs from California dipped in dark chocolate. Pure & simple ℘


Grown-up PB&J fresh ground peanut butter layered with Blake Hill Preserves Irish Whiskey orange marmalade in a dark chocolate cup, sprinkled with Atlantic Saltworks Rye Whiskey barrel-smoked sea salt ℘

smoked salted maple caramel

Smoked Salted Maple Caramel soft, chewy caramel made with Vermont smoked maple syrup & Vermont heavy cream, hand dipped in dark chocolate & finished with Atlantic smoked sea salt

chocolate mendiants

Chocolate Mendiants pure dark ℘, milk & white chocolate medallions decorated with seasonal deliciousness at the whim of the chocolatier

total eclipse chocolate bonbon

Total Eclipse Bonbon 70% dark chocolate ganache blended with High Meadows Farm fermented black garlic & toasted black sesame seeds, finished with black Hawaiian sea salt

chai gems

Golden Chai Gem coconut milk & cocoa butter white chocolate ganache spiced with turmeric & Chai Wallah Chai’s blend of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove & black pepper

Xocolatl Pyramid bittersweet dark chocolate, avocado & coconut milk ganache blended with dried chilis & our own blend of spices based on traditional Mayan recipes, in a crisp dark chocolate pyramid. Banana-y, tropical flavor notes with a little bit of heat ℘

choco geology banner website  choco geo box

Chocolate Geology a collection of five rock inspired bonbons with solid dark, milk and white chocolates studded with nuts, salts and cacao nibs. Purchase here.

smoked praline geodes

Smoked Praline Geode a walnut, pecan, almond & hazelnut caramelized with Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind Vermont smoked maple syrup, swimming in dark chocolate ℘

White Chocolate Salted Cashew Granite cashews swimming in cocoa-butter-rich white chocolate, dusted with Atlantic Saltworks flaked sea salt

slate tiles

Vermont Slate crisp 73% dark chocolate blended with just a pinch of Atlantic Saltworks briny sea salt ℘


Milk Chocolate Schist 43% dark milk chocolate chards embedded with layers of cacao nibs & red hawaiian sea salt

choco marble

Chocolate Marble creamy, cocoa butter -rich white chocolate swirled with caramel-y dark milk chocolate

forage banner 2017

Our Forage Collection of chocolate truffles are made from foraged mushrooms, Vermont dairy & other locally sourced ingredients for an umami-rich, earthy flavor experience you won’t find anywhere else

Frost Truffle in honor of the native Brattleboro frost’s bolete mushroom, we use dried porcini from France & blend in locally foraged when available, & pair it with burnt caramel in dark chocolate ganache, add a touch of homegrown dried rosemary, & hand-dip it in dark chocolate dusted with French mahogany cocoa powder

Black Trumpet Truffle earthy, peaked domes of locally foraged Black Trumpet mushrooms from Terrafunga in 80% dark chocolate ganache made with Vermont heavy cream & Runamok Maple’s pecan smoked maple syrup, hand dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with black cocoa powder

White Truffle earthy cocoa butter-rich white chocolate ganache made with Vermont heavy cream & brown butter, infused with swirls of musky Italian white truffle mushroom oil, hand rolled & dusted with mahogany cocoa powder

Chanterelle Truffle creamy dark milk chocolate ganache made with sweet Vermont heavy cream infused with locally foraged chanterelle mushrooms from Terrafunga, topped with a thin crunchy layer of sliced almonds, & dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder

Chaga Mushroom Truffle a blend of dark & milk chocolates fortified with Vermont foraged chaga mushroom tea & locally harvested & crafted black birch syrup, hand rolled & dusted with black cocoa powder

teachers gifts

Boxed Classic Bonbons select classic bites boxed & ready for giving. Purchase here

℘ vegan/dairy-free



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