Our team is dedicated to exploring the many facets and flavors of cacao. We work with an inspiring group of local growers and herbalists, artists and artisans, chefs and home cooks who share our values and enthusiasm for creative, locally sourced food.

Portrait of chocolatier Dar Tavernier-Singer in a denim apron and dark beanie in front of a red and brick background

Dar Tavernier-Singer, founder, recipe developer, chocolatier, confectionery chef

Dar’s background as an artist and her experience in the kitchens and dining rooms of restaurants and cafés in Europe and the U.S. gave her working knowledge of how to approach creating recipes and presenting them to the world so they tell a story. She draws on her experience working with a botanist as an undergraduate biology major and later as a chemist/analyst in an environmental testing lab when experimenting with techniques and ingredients in the chocolate kitchen. The flavors of fresh local produce and the spruce tips, wild mint, berries, wildflowers and other foraged treats she would taste growing up in the Northern Adirondacks and St. Lawrence Valley resonate in Dar’s recipes today as a Vermont chocolatier, as well as a great respect for those who work the land and grow and forage food.

portrait of chocolatier john singer in a dark sweater and red beanie in front of a red background

John Singer, founder, chocolatier, business manager

John’s experience as a craft coffee roaster and manager of an artisan roasting shop, where he visited origin and regularly tasted and cupped world renowned coffees with leaders in the field like George Howell, have provided him a great background to sourcing and working with chocolate. His extensive experience managing and leading small businesses as well as his years as a musician in San Francisco, New York and Vermont has given our little band, Tavernier Chocolates, the framework to grow and thrive.

Kestrel Peavy, production chocolatier

Kestrel isn’t from New England, but they have settled in quickly and learned to put maple in everything. They are fond of cats, spiders and cool rocks. In their free time they enjoy reading, playing board games and writing poetry.

Rebekah Tatkovsky, holiday production

Rebekah is a transplant to Vermont by way of Pennsylvania. Brought here by friends, she stayed for the vibrant community she has found in Brattleboro. When not at Tavernier she works as a farmer, growing mixed vegetables for a draft horse-powered CSA farm. She is also a current student, studying environmental science with a focus in agriculture and sustainable food systems. In the free time that is left, she like to play DnD with friends, create art, and swing from the trapeze.