Chocolate Charcuterie

We created our award-winning savory Chocolate Charcuterie, made with direct trade single origin Latin American chocolates, to pair with a wide array of cheeses, fruits, sauces and cured meats, and to be enjoyed on bread, cookies or toasts with coffee, wine, craft beer and spirits. Our spreadable pâté-style ganache bricks are blended with Vermont cheeses, raw honey and tree syrups, creating a balanced sweet and savory amuse-gueule, hors d’oeuvre or the unexpected star of your cheese, grazing or dessert board. Our textured, sliceable saucisson-style ganache logs and terrines are made with savory ingredients like herbs, black garlic, chili peppers, toasted nuts and spices.

We suggest serving our saucisson-style or pâté-style charcuterie with french bread or toasts, pizzelles, dried apricots, fresh fruits, shortbread cookies, sweet & crisp olive oil tortas, a zesty fruit sauce, cheeses & sliced cured meats, or whatever your heart desires.

A Charcuterie Pairing card with our suggestions for creating the ultimate chocolate & cheese board is included, listing recommended wine, beer, cider, cocktails & other libations, cheeses, fruits & nuts that compliment each chocolate charcuterie recipe. Check out more serving & pairing suggestions here.