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Coffee, wine, cheese, beer and chocolate pairings can heighten your flavor experience! We’ve created an easy chocolate food pairing and beverage pairing guide for you to explore. From like-goes-with-like to contrasting flavors combinations, here are some pairing and serving suggestions we especially enjoy. Scroll down for chocolate bar pairings (and be sure to check out our guide to chocolate tasting here):

Chocolate Charcuterie Serving & Pairing Suggestions

sliceable chocolate saucisson-style charcuterie

We suggest serving our rich, textured sliceable chocolate charcuterie with french bread or toasts, pizzelles, fresh and dried fruits, shortbread cookies, salty crackers, sweet & crisp olive oil tortas, fresh unsweetened whipped cream, artisan cheeses & sliced cured meats, or whatever your heart desires.

chocolate pairing with chocolate charcuterie

chocolate salami dark chocolate ganache log with marsala-marinated fig, rosemary shortbread & toasted hazelnut

  • cheeses: blue cheeses, washed rind cheeses, aged and smoked cheddars
    Parish Hill Creamery West West Blue & Vermont Herdsman, Von Trapp Oma, Grafton Village Cheese smoked maple cheddar
  • fruits & nuts: dried & fresh figs, fresh & dried apples & pears, roasted almonds and hazelnuts
  • cured meats: salami/salumi, prosciutto
    Vermont Salumi, Von Trapp Salami
  • spirits: madeira, marsala wine, sherry, port, porter, crabapple ciders, hard apple ciders, sour Belgian ales
    Honest Weight Artisan Beer‘s Sunk Pond, Hermit Thrush Brewery‘s Brattlebeer, Eden Cellar Series King in the North Kerr crabapple cider

chocolate pairing with chocolate charcuterie

chocolate mortadella dark chocolate ganache log with pistachios, cardamom shortbread & medjool dates

  • cheeses: soft goat cheeses, young soft cheese like a fromage blanc, greek style yogurt spiced with honey and orange water, or with cinnamon and black pepper, camembert
    Vermont Creamery chèvre, semi-aged Crottina from Blue Ledge Farm, Spoonwood Cabin Creamery fromage blanc, Von Trapp Farmstead Drunk Alice
  • fruits & nuts: citrus or apricot preserves, spiced stone fruit jams, dates, pistachios and almonds
    Sidehill Farm apricot orange marmalade and spiced peach jams, Blake Hill Preserves Moroccan plum and fennel chutney
  • cured meats: salami/salumi
    Vermont Smoke & Cure Uncured Summer Sausage, Von Trapp Saucisson Sec & Savage Salami
  • spirits: African chenin blancs, red zinfandel or syrah, crisp mineral white wines, Vermont meads, rich pear ciders, saisons, herby gins
    Putney Mountain Winery‘s Simply Ginger liqueur, Honest Weight Artisan Beer‘s Grisette, Stonecutter Spirits Single Barrel Gin, Shelburne Farm’s Iapetus Substrata, Hermit Thrush Brewery’s Gin Barrel Saison

Vermont chocolatiers Tavernier Chocolates created a cheese board with savory chocolate charcuterie

soppressata di cioccolato dark chocolate ganache log with fermented black garlic, chili & black pepper flakes & sliced almonds

  • cheeses: chèvre, pecorino, picante provolone, sharp cheddars, triple crème
    Grafton Village Cheese aged cheddars, Vermont Creamery Chévre drizzled with olive oil & toasted sliced almonds
  • fruits & nuts: ripe nectarines, peaches, raspberry preserves, marcona almonds
  • cured meats: salami/salumi, soppressata
    Vermont Salumi, Von Trapp Salami
  • spirits: zinfandel, syrah, creamy porter or stout, amber, vienna style lager, fruity hard ciders, ice cider, chai, fruity sour ales


chocolate pairing with chocolate charcuterie

spreadable, smooth chocolate pâté-style charcuterie

Our pâté chocolats are sliceable when served cool, or spreadable when they reach room temperature. Spread on toasts, thinly sliced baguette, water crackers, cookies, or other biscuits. Place a thick slice on warm toasted bread, pancakes, french toast and waffles for a divine, melty treat!

To serve as individual desserts, float a couple of thick slices on a pool of berry coulis, a sweetened red wine reduction or créme anglaise, and serve with fresh fruits and unsweetened freshly whipped cream.

See our recipes for a fresh berry-port reduction here, and grilled chocolate pâté toasts here

chocolate pairing with chocolate charcuterie

Mont Vert Pâté Chocolat dark milk chocolate ganache brick with chèvre, raw honey & a pinch of lavender

  • cheeses: soft goat cheeses, fresh whipped cream, heavy cream whipped with honey, taleggio, brie, tomme, tomme de chèvre
    Vermont Creamery chévre, whipped Butterworks Farm heavy cream, Parish Hill Creamery Hermit
  • fruits & nuts: summer berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and red cherries, cranberry preserves, hazelnuts, almonds
  • spirits: port, sherry, sparkling wines like champagne, cava, prosecco, fruit wines, fruity rosés, lambrusco, off-dry rieslings, blanc de blancs, lambics, sour belgian beers, scotch, hoppy fruity IPAs
    Hermit Thrush Brewery‘s Rowdy Monk, Boyden Valley Winery Vermont Ice Red, Putney Mountain Winery‘s Cassis & fruit wines, SILO Distillery’s Lavender Vodka, La Garagista Ci Confonde Petillant Naturel
  • pro tip: make a delicious VT Royale with sparkling wine & a splash of Putney Winery’s Cassis, or a Grande Hibiscus Royale with sparkling wine & Runamok Maple Hibiscus Infused Maple Syrup.

chocolate pairing with chocolate charcuterie

Sapling Pâté Chocolat dark chocolate ganache brick with crème fraîche & maple bourbon

  • cheeses: crème fraîche, fresh whipped cream, heavy cream whipped with a splash of maple bourbon, gouda, alpine cheeses
    Vermont Creamery crème fraîche, whipped Butterworks Farm heavy cream, Grafton Village Cheese Bear Hill, Parish Hill Creamery Suffolk Punch
  • fruits & nuts: dried apricots, figs, plums, marrons glacées and roasted nuts, chestnuts, pears, cherries
  • spirits: bourbon, stouts, porters, pommeau, coffee liqueur, coffee drinks
    Putney Mountain Winery‘s Pommeau, Honest Weight Artisan Beer‘s Tom Swamp Road, Saxtons River Distillery‘s Sapling Maple Bourbon
  • pro tip: make a hearty Vermont Coffee with strong brewed local beans, Saxtons River Distillery’s Sapling Maple Bourbon and a shot of creamline milk or a dollop of maple-sweetened whipped cream

chocolate pairing with chocolate charcuterie

Bleu Hour Terrine Chocolat dark milk chocolate ganache brick with blue cheese & maple pecan praline

  • cheeses: blue cheese, gorgonzola, roquefort, danablu, cabrales, blue stilton, washed rind cheeses, triple-crème brie
    Jasper Hill Farm Bayley Hazen Blue, Parish hill Creamery West West Blue
  • fruits & nuts: crisp, tart apples, figs, pecans
  • spirits: port, sherry, sauternes, Pouilly-Fuissé, sweet & off-dry rieslings, ice ciders, Imperial Stout, Chocolate Stout, Coffee Stout, American IPAs, bourbon, maple bourbon & whiskey
    Eden Ciders ice ciders, SILO Distillery’s Maple Whiskey

Chocolate Bar Pairings

chocolate pairing with chocolate bars

Chocolate Bar Serving Suggestions

  • Try our chocolate bars on a s’more with a pillowy marshmallow for a delicious gourmet spin on a classic.
  • Break up a bar and serve on top of your favorite ice cream. Explore different flavor combinations!
  • Toast a bar on a baguette and sprinkle with a pinch of coarse sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Heavenly.
  • Add a bar to your grilled cheese for a deep, melty delight. Fruit jams and chutneys are amazing with.
  • Chop up a bar and substitute for chocolate chips in your favorite cookie recipe for a flavorful twist.
  • Serve a variety of bars with nuts, fruits and cheeses. Check out our drink and food pairing suggestions below!

General Chocolate Bar and Wine Pairing

  • Dark chocolates pair wildly with port, madeira, sherry, cassis, fruit wines, and sparkling wines like champagne, cava and prosecco, as well as full-bodied red wines
  • White chocolate is splendid with ice wine, hard apple ciders and sparkling rosés
  • Milk chocolate is heavenly with moscato/muscat, riesling and crisp sparkling wines

Try these food and drink pairings:

Fireside dark chocolate, toasted almond, cacao nib & smoked sea salt bar 

  • Spirits: SILO Distillery’s Single Malt Whiskey, Frangelico, Putney Mountain Winery’s Pommeau
  • Beer: stout, especially chocolate or coffee stout, porter, barley wine
  • Beverages: espresso drinks, coffee, hot drinking chocolate, puer tea, twig tea

Roasters dark chocolate, locally roasted coffee bean, hazelnut & sea salt bar

  • Cheese: Maple Smoked Cheddar
  • Beer: stout or porter
  • Beverages: coffee & espresso drinks, coffee liqueur
  • Accoutrements: hazelnuts, dried fruits like figs, apricots
  • Spirits: Saxtons River Distillery’s maple bourbon, Stonecutter Spirits heritage cask whiskey, coffee+whiskey drinks

Midsummer Night 90% dark chocolate & dried tart cherry bar

  • Cheese: triple créme, brie
  • Spirits: bourbon, a Manhattan
  • Beverages: black tea

Botanical dark chocolate, edible flower blossoms bar 

  • Cheese: chèvre
  • Spirits: SILO Distillery’s Lavender Vodka, Lillet, champagne, Caledonia Spirits Tom Cat Gin, Vermont Vermouth
  • Beverages: black tea, herbal teas, tonic water

Blue Lemon dark chocolate, dried blueberry & house-candied lemon bar

  • Cheese: 2 Year Aged Cheddar
  • Beer: IPA, Sour beer, hard cider
  • Wine: port, madeira, sherry, cabernet, Putney Winery’s Simply Blueberry wine
  • Spirits: Stonecutter Single Barrel gin, SILO Distillery’s Vermont Gin, Putney Winery’s Simply Ginger Liqueur
  • Beverages: black tea, fruit teas, ginger beer
  • Accoutrements: fresh blueberries, almonds

Golden Nugget dark chocolate maple sugar bar 

  • Cheese: blue cheese, roquefort, gorgonzola
  • Spirits: SILO Distillery and Saxtons River Distillery maple bourbons, Putney Mountain Winery’s Apple Maple wine, hard apple cider
  • Beverages: coffee, espresso drinks, sparkling apple cider

Maple Macaroon dark chocolate maple roasted coconut bar 

  • Cheese: gouda
  • Spirits: maple bourbon, Putney Mountain Winery’s Apple Maple wine, hard apple cider
  • Beer: maple porter, maple stouts, farmhouse ales
  • Beverages: coffee, espresso drinks, sarsaparilla root beer

Rouge dark chocolate, dried raspberry, hibiscus & pink peppercorn bar

  • Cheese: Grafton Village Cheese Smoked Chili Cheddar, chèvre
  • Beer: fruit lambic, pilsner, belgian style, fruity sours, Dieu du Ciel!’s Solstice d’Été
  • Wine: sparkling rosé, port, fruity cabernet, port, sherry, madeira, cassis, Putney Winery’s Rhubarb Blush Wine & Vermont Cassis
  • Beverages: black tea, fruit teas
  • Accoutrements: fresh berries

Starry Night dark chocolate atlantic sea salt bar

  • Cheese: pecorino, romano
  • Spirits: SILO Distillery’s Maple Whiskey, Vermont Vermouth
  • Beer: porters, stouts

Nibby Milk dark milk chocolate, cacao nibs, black lava salt

  • Cheese: Truffle Cheddar
  • Beer: brown ale, saison, oatmeal stout
  • Wine: riesling, muscato, sparkling wines
  • Beverages: coffee, espresso drinks
  • Accoutrements: mixed roasted nuts

Summer Berry white chocolate, dried berries bar

  • Spirits: Eden Ice Ciders, Putney Winery’s Cassis in a Kir Royale, SILO Distillery’s Lemon Vodka
  • Wine: champagne & sparkling wines, rosés, ice wine, oaked chardonnays
  • Beverages: green tea, fruit teas

chocolate pairing and Grafton Village Cheese.

To delve even deeper, check out our chocolate tasting guide here and check out our blog for chocolate recipes both sweet and savory!

And to delve even deeper, check out our blog for sweet and savory chocolate recipes.And to delve even deeper, check out our blog for sweet and savory chocolate recipes.SaveSave