Bonbon & Bar Flavors

Before you shop bonbons & bars, get acquainted with our selection of sweet and savory flavors available seasonally and at the whim of the chocolatier. Made with rich Vermont cultured butter, many local, organically farmed and foraged functional botanicals, fruits, raw sugars, tree syrups and honey, paired with direct trade single origin Latin American chocolates and global spices and ingredients so layers of well-balanced, delicate flavors slowly reveal themselves as they pop and travel across your palate, or combine to create a singular new taste. We strive to make our chocolates a full sensory experience, handcrafting each so the shapes, textures and colors tell a story about the fields, forests and farms that inspired them.

bar & tablet FLAVORS

line up of tavernier chocolate bars in various flavors

Our bars and tablets are made from single origin Ecuador chocolates and hand decorated with the freshest and most beautiful fruits, nuts and salts, and Vermont ingredients like maple and edible flowers and Massachusetts harvested & crafted flake sea salt

  • Summer Berry: 31% Cocoa Butter White Chocolate / Strawberry / Raspberry / Blueberry
  • Alpine Trail: 31% Cocoa Butter White Chocolate / Spruce / Wild Mint / Cacao Nib / Dark Pinecone
  • Nibby: 40% Cacao Milk Chocolate / Cacao Nib / Black Hawaiian Lava Salt
  • Botanical: 65% Dark Chocolate /Dried Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender & Calendula ℘
  • Rouge: 65% Dark Chocolate / Raspberry / Hibiscus / Pink Peppercorn ℘
  • Roasters: 65% Dark Chocolate / Locally Roasted Coffee Bean / Toasted Hazelnut / Saltery Sea Salt ℘
  • Golden Nugget: 65% Dark Chocolate / Vermont Maple Sugar Nugget ℘
  • Maple Macaroon: 65% Dark Chocolate / Smoked Maple Roasted Coconut ℘
  • Fireside: 65% Dark Chocolate / Toasted Almond / Cacao Nib / Smoked Sea Salt ℘
  • Northern Lights: 70% Dark Chocolate / VT Spruce & Wild Peppermint / Matcha / Saltery Sea Salt ℘
  • BrattleBar: 70% Dark Chocolate / Dried Goji Berry / Raw Hemp, Chia & Pumpkin Seed ℘
  • Starry Night: 73% Dark Chocolate / Saltery Sea Salt ℘
  • Midsummer Night: 85% Dark Chocolate / Dried Tart Cherry ℘

Selections of these flavors are available in our Classic Bar Collection & All Dark Bar Collection, and you can purchase single bars and tablets.

℘ vegan/dairy free. nut butter cups also contain honey.