Chocolate Ganache Filled Eggs



Hand decorated mini eggs with seasonal ingredients to celebrate the sweetest season, Spring! These lovely little bites are meant to be savored, made with unique premium ingredients.

Each petit 3″ x 2″ kraft window box is tied with rustic twine and contains 4 mini eggs. Choose from:

4 dark chocolate eggs with white chocolate designs filled with dark chocolate strawberry balsamic ganache

Dried Strawberries: until fresh strawberries appear in New England, we dug into our stash of freeze-dried berries for that taste of late spring/early summer

Balsamic Vinegar: a classic combo with strawberries and bumps the flavor notes of the cacao, made in Modena, Italy and aged in oak and juniper barrels

Black Peppercorn: it sounds crazy if you haven’t tried it, but black peppercorns enhance the flavor of strawberries and just a pinch in our ganache adds depth and fruitiness


4 dark chocolate eggs with milk chocolate designs filled with caramelized milk chocolate dukkah spice ganache

Dukkah Spice Blend: fragrant housemade blend of toasted cumin, coriander and fennel seed blended with pistachios and hazelnuts, hand-ground in a mortar and pestle, crisp and crunchy and flavorful



PLEASE NOTE we will delay shipment of solid chocolate bonbons if the temperature at the shipping destination is >85ºF. We will email you to let you know with an estimate as to when we can ship. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us before placing an order!

Chocolate Base Ingredients:
dark chocolate (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla)
milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, whole milk powder, soy and/or sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract)
white chocolate (refined sugar, cacao butter, cocoa beans, whole milk powder, soy and/or sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, soybeans)
Other Ingredients: freeze dried strawberries, balsamic vinegar, black peppercorn, spice blend, pistachios, hazelnuts, cultured Vermont butter, sea salt

Allergen Alert: contains soy, dairy, nuts (hazelnut, pistachio)
Made in a facility that processes nuts, wheat, dairy, soy
People who are allergic to nuts should not eat our chocolates

Chocolates are best stored in a cool, dry, dark place, best temperature between 60-75ºF. We do not recommend refrigeration unless absolutely necessary. Solid chocolate bonbons are at their optimal flavor and texture if consumed within 3 months of their creation, and can be stored and enjoyed for up to 6 months.