Chocolate Storage

We do not use added preservatives, so our chocolates are best when enjoyed soon after we’ve made them.

Since we use many seasonal & fresh fruits, herbs & other ingredients in our recipes, their flavors & texture are at their optimal brightest & best within a few days of purchasing them.

For best flavor & texture, keep chocolate bonbons & bars in a cool, dry, dark place (ideal temperature between 60-70ºF), and not in the refrigerator unless absolutely necessary (heat and humidity are the biggest enemies of chocolate)!

Our recommended timetable for storing our chocolate bars, truffles and bonbons upon receiving them (enjoying them sooner means fresher & better!):

  • Truffles: within 14 days
  • Filled/molded chocolates: within 6 weeks
  • Tablets/bars, mendiants, drinking chocolate/cocoa mixes & solid chocolates: within 6 months
  • Pâté chocolate, chocolate terrines, chocolate salami and saucissons: Enjoy before the best-by date stamped on the package (pâtés 2 months from made date, saucissons 3 months from made date), it will keep for much longer when properly stored, but changes in texture and loss of some flavor notes may happen as they age. Store chocolate charcuterie in the refrigerator at < 41ºF and low humidity to preserve the long shelf life.

To cut down on waste, we don’t use plastic packaging or dividers. Our kraft boxes are recyclable and use 100% recycled boxboard and 100% recycled papers, and our cellophane bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our paper box bands and bag tags are recyclable. We compost or recycle our food and paper waste.

Allergen Info: Tavernier chocolates are made in a kitchen that uses soy, dairy, eggs, wheat & nuts. Those with nut allergies or celiac disease should not eat our chocolates.

Our chocolates are vegetarian (please note the Bleu Hour Pâté Chocolat contains blue cheese/animal rennet), & many vegan. This symbol indicates which of our offerings are safe for vegans.

Visit our FAQs page to see our top questions and answers about storing chocolate.