We offer a line of wholesale chocolates to specialty food shops, lifestyle shops, restaurants and cafés.

We sell directly to local restaurants and shops nationwide, and work with Provisions International (distributors of fine foods to New England shops). Please fill out the form below to receive pricing and more information, or contact Provisions International.

Wholesale Inquiry Form

If you're interested in selling or distributing our artisan chocolates handcrafted in southern Vermont, reach out to us using this contact form:

Our Wholesale Line

Chocolate bars are available in 1 oz. bars and 3 oz. tablets with sustainable bamboo display case. Cases hold 4 different varieties of 3 oz. tablets, or up to 8 different varieties of 1 oz. bars.

  • Summer Berry: White Chocolate / Strawberry / Raspberry / Blueberry
  • Nibby: Milk Chocolate / Cacao Nib / Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
  • Botanical: 61% Dark Chocolate /Dried Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender & Calendula ℘
  • Rouge: 61% Dark Chocolate / Raspberry / Hibiscus / Pink Peppercorn ℘
  • Roasters: 65% Dark Chocolate / Mocha Joe’s Roasted Coffee Bean / Atlantic Saltworks Sea Salt ℘
  • Golden Nugget: 61% Dark Chocolate / Vermont Maple Sugar Nugget ℘
  • Blue Lemon: 65% Dark Chocolate / Blueberry / House Candied Lemon Peel ℘
  • Fireside: 65% Dark Chocolate / Toasted Almond / Cacao Nib / Smoked Sea Salt ℘
  • BrattleBar: 70% Dark Chocolate / Dried Goji Berry / Raw Hemp, Chia & Pumpkin Seed ℘
  • Starry Night: 73% Dark Chocolate / Atlantic Saltworks Sea Salt ℘
  • Midsummer Night: 91% Dark Chocolate / Dried Tart Cherry ℘


Chocolate Charcuterie

Our 5 oz. Chocolate Charcuterie is packaged to look like real charcuterie and designed to be paired with sweet & savory cheeses, nuts, fruits and bread or crackers. Our chocolate charcuterie is available in 5 different recipes with a shelf talker and Serving & Pairing Suggestion Cards for promotion. Chocolate Charcuterie must be kept refrigerated. We recommend displaying them in your cheese and charcuterie case with a shelf talker to inspire customers to build cheese boards and platters.

Saucisson-style (sliceable)

  • Chocolate Salami: dark chocolate ganache log studded with toasted hazelnuts, marsla-marinated figs & housemade rosemary shortbread, rolled in organic powdered sugar
  • Chocolate Mortadella: dark chocolate ganache log loaded with pistachios, dates & housemade cardamom shortbread, rolled in cocoa powder

Pâté-style (sliceable & spreadable)

  • Mont Vert Pâté Chocolat: dark & milk chocolate blended ganache brick enriched with Vermont chèvre, raw honey & a pinch of lavender
  • Sapling Pâté Chocolat: dark chocolate ganache brick blended with Vermont créme fraîche and Saxtons River Distillery’s maple bourbon
  • Bleu Hour Terrine Chocolat: dark chocolate ganache brick blended with Bayley Hazen Blue cheese & housemade Vermont maple pecan praline

Drinking Chocolate

Our drinking chocolate mixes are pure ground single origin dark chocolate from Venezuela, & our flavorful sipping cocoa mixes are the same ground chocolate blended with premium cocoa powder and spices. Both melt smoothly into hot milk, vegan mylks, hot water for the purists, and coffee and espresso drinks. Each mix comes in a 12 oz. kraft bag with instructions for use on the label. Drinking chocolates are 1 oz. solid sticks of chocolate that can be stirred into your favorite hot drink, the remainder eaten as you sip for maximum enjoyment.

  • bonfire blend: dark & milk chocolate, Vermont maple sugar, smoked sea salt
  • forest blend: dark chocolate, Vermont spruce, Vermont mint
  • golden chai: dark chocolate, chai wallah chai spice blend, turmeric
  • spicy xocoatl: dark chocolate, mayan spice blend, Vermont chilis
  • drinking chocolate: 61% or 73% pure ground chocolate
  • drinking chocolate submarinos: dark or milk chocolate


bonfire blend cocoa mix
forest blend cocoa mix
golden chai cocoa mix
spicy xocoatl cocoa mix
drinking chocolate mix
drinking chocolate submarino

Bulk Bonbons

We sell bulk truffles and bonbons to chocolate and confectionery shops who display their wares in climate-controlled cases. Contact us for seasonal flavors and availability.