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We suggest serving our rich, creamy spreadable & sliceable chocolate charcuterie with french bread or toasts, pizzelles, fresh and dried fruits, shortbread cookies, salty crackers, sweet & crisp olive oil tortas, a zesty fruit sauce, fresh unsweetened whipped cream, cheeses & sliced cured meats, or whatever your heart desires. Serve with whole milk ice cream or gelato, or slice & use to create a singular s’more with a toasted housemade marshmallow. Here are some pairing and serving suggestions to explore:


sliceable chocolate saucisson-style charcuterie

chocolate salami

cheeses: blue cheeses, washed rind cheeses, aged and smoked cheddars
fruits & nuts: dried and fresh figs, fresh & dried apples & pears, roasted almonds and hazelnuts
spirits: madeira, marsala wine, sherry, port, porter, crabapple hard ciders, sour Belgian ales
Whetstone Ciderworks Hewes Virginia Crab, Honest Weight Artisan Beer‘s Sunk Pond, Hermit Thrush Brewery‘s Scott Farm Centennial

chocolate mortadella

cheeses: soft goat cheeses, young soft cheese like a fromage blanc, greek style yogurt spiced with honey and orange water, or with cinnamon and black pepper
fruits & nuts: citrus or apricot preserves, spiced stone fruit jams, dates, pistachios and almonds
Sidehill Farm apricot orange marmalade and spiced peach jams, Blake Hill Preserves Moroccan plum and fennel chutney
spirits: African chenin blancs, red zinfandel or syrah, Vermont meads, rich pear ciders, saisons
Putney Mountain Winery‘s Simply Ginger liqueur, Whetstone Ciderworks Perry, Honest Weight Artisan Beer‘s Grisette
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bleu hour terrine

spreadable, smooth chocolate pâté-style charcuterie 

Our pâté chocolats are sliceable when served cool, or spreadable when they reach room temperature. Spread on toasts, thinly sliced baguette, water crackers, cookies, or other biscuits. Place a thick slice on warm toasted bread, pancakes, french toast and waffles for a divine, melty treat! To serve as individual desserts, float a couple of thick slices on a pool of berry coulis, a sweetened red wine reduction or créme anglaise, and serve with fresh fruits and unsweetened freshly whipped cream. See our recipe for a fresh berry-port reduction here, and our recipe for grilled chocolate pâté toasts here

Mont Vert Pâté Chocolat 

cheeses: soft goat cheeses, fresh whipped cream, heavy cream whipped with honey
Vermont Creamery chévre, Butterworks Farm heavy cream whipped
fruits: summer berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and red cherries, cranberry preserves
spirits: port, sherry, sparkling wines like champagne, cava, prosecco, fruity rosés, lambrusco, lambics, sour belgian beers
Whetstone Ciderworks Methode Champenoise, Hermit Thrush Brewery‘s Rowdy Monk, Boyden Valley Winery Vermont Ice Red, Putney Mountain Winery‘s Cassis
pro tip: make a delicious VT Royale with your choice of sparkling wine & a splash of Putney Winery’s Cassis or a Grande Hibiscus Royale with sparkling wine & Runamok Maple‘s Hibiscus Infused Maple Syrup

Sapling Pâté Chocolat

cheeses: créme fraîche, fresh whipped cream, heavy cream whipped with a splash of maple bourbon
Vermont Creamery créme fraîche, Butterworks Farm heavy cream whipped
fruits & nuts: dried apricots, figs, plums, marrons glacées and roasted nuts, pears, cherries
spirits: bourbon, stouts, porters, pommeau
Putney Mountain Winery‘s Pommeau, Honest Weight Artisan Beer‘s Tom Swamp Road, Saxtons River Distillery‘s Sapling Maple Bourbon

Fromage Blanc Amok Pâté Chocolat

cheeses: fromage blanc, fresh whipped cream, heavy cream whipped with a splash of bourbon & maple syrup
Spoonwood Cabin Creamery fromage blanc, Butterworks Farm heavy cream whipped
fruits & nuts: dried & fresh cherries, plums, red & green grapes
spirits: port, sherry, madeira, chianti/sangiovese, ice wines & ciders, riesling, sparkling wines, wheat beer
Fiddlehead Brewing Witbier & Hef-You, Eden Specialty Ciders ice ciders, La Garagista Bouleverser Cidre Mousseux & Cybele Champagne-method sparkling white

Bleu Hour Terrine Chocolat

cheeses: blue cheese, gorgonzola, roquefort, danablu, cabrales, blue stilton
fruits & nuts: crisp, tart apples, figs, pecans
spirits: port, sherry, sauternes, Pouilly-Fuissé, sweet & off-dry rieslings, hard apple ciders, Imperial Stout, Chocolate Stout, American IPAs
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