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Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Well then, how about grilled chocolate and cheese? Our pâté-style chocolate charcuterie lends itself to a scandalously delicious toasted sandwich. Blended with Vermont made cheeses and butter, it’s a simple solution to an extravagant bite. Assembled ahead of time and grilled just before serving, cut into quarters and serve at your next gathering. I guarantee guests won’t let them stay on the platter long! They make delicious breakfast sides, like a warm and melty pastry (I put that to test this morning, and can happily attest). Read on for instructions and serving suggestions:

Grilled Chocolate & Cheese Pâté



  • heat 1-2 Tbsp oil on a well seasoned frying pan on medium-high heat
  • when pan is hot, place 2 slices of bread on pan and press frequently with a spatula to brown, approximately 2-4 minutes, checking its progress after 1-2 minutes so it doesn’t burn
  • when bread is toasted and a golden brown, flip & brown the opposite side for another 2 minutes, pressing down on bread with a spatula
  • place slices of chocolate pâté on one slice, making sure that the pâté is on top of the bread does not hang over the sides (it will melt quickly onto the pan & burn!). If you wish to add sliced fresh fruit (we love apples, pears, peaches or fresh strawberries), now is the time to do it! Cover and brown for another 1-2 minutes until pâté is melted
  • remove from heat & place both slices separately on cutting board with your spatula. Drizzle a tiny bit of fruity, cold pressed olive oil over the top of the melted pâté, then sprinkle with flake sea salt. Press plain toasted bread slice on top of the melted & toasted pâté slice, cut into halves or quarters, & serve while warm
  • voilá! Enjoy!