Starry Night Bar & Tablet



This sparkly bar takes you away to a starry night in a dark forest. Made with single origin Dominican Republic 70% dark chocolate, we dapple it with briny atlantic sea salt flakes.

Packaged in a clear, compostable bag with a slender ivory band listing all of the ingredients.

Tasting notes: deep bittersweet nighttime / salt, brine, deep chocolate with a dried apricot and nutty finish

Pair with:

  • Cheese: pecorino, romano
  • Spirits: SILO Distillery’s Maple Whiskey, Vermont Vermouth, mead
  • Beer: porters, stouts
  • Wine: Carol Shelton Old Vine Mendocino Wild Thing Zinfandel, Keuka Lake Vineyards 2020 Semi-Dry Riesling


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dark chocolate (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla), sea salt
Allergen Alert: Made in a facility that processes nuts, wheat, dairy, soy
People who are allergic to nuts should not eat our chocolates

Solid chocolate bars are at their optimal flavor and texture if consumed within 6 months of their creation, and can be stored and enjoyed for up to 6 months. Store chocolate bonbons in a dark, cool, dry place, best temperatures between 60-70ºF.