Crescent Dragonwagon

How to approach a food whose genus name is theobroma: “food of the gods” ? Sacramentally. John and Dar are not just acolytes, though. Their visionary originality (black garlic! fungi! spruce tips!) combine with their sure-handedness as culinary technologists and their deep knowledge of place.  Each bite is an exquisite still-life, a communion in which rainforest melts into here-and-now Vermont. Stop, close your eyes, and taste: you, too, will melt.

Jennie Reichman

“That black garlic with your chocolate. Transcendent.”

Patricia Austin

“Tavernier’s Chocolates makes life’s moments linger across your palate. Artfully crafted, these inspired chocolates appeal to all my senses and always deliver a pleasure journey that is memorable and truly vivid in deliciousness. Every week I look forward to my little box(es) of chocolates.”

RobYn Moore

“We bought some of your amazing chocolate, including the Forest Path chocolate. I have to tell you, it is wonderful! The flavor combination is so unique and surprising. There are some things in this world that you need to slow down for and just experience. I think this chocolate bar is one of those things.”

Roberta Rosenberg

“Your chocolates have such a depth of flavor and texture, unlike anything that I have tried.  And I am what could best be described as a “chocolate traveler.” I find tiny surprises in every bite.  Thanks for being such great talents.” 

—Roberta Rosenberg, Bloomington, MN

Carla D. Martin

“But seriously, friends and countrymen, let me tell you about their sophisticated, subtle ganaches. Some of the best umami + chocolate combinations I’ve had in the U.S.”

Carla D. Martin, PhD., Founder and Executive Director, Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute Lecturer, Harvard University

Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub

“Tavernier’s chocolates have set the stage for many magical moments in our lives. Like when we first tasted their Total Eclipse Bonbon infused with black garlic (funky in the best way possible), celebrated the New Year with a slice of chocolate charcuterie, and enjoyed a dark and salty Starry Night bite of bliss. And to top it off, they gifted us a cardamom chocolate dosa recipe for our latest book!”

—Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub, authors of Dosa Kitchen

John Thomas

“Those chocolate bears are brutally good.”

—John Thomas, Brattleboro, VT