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bars by christina bernales

Our bars are made from pure, single origin dark, milk & cocoa butter -rich white chocolate couverture paired with delicious fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers & salts in singular harmonious combinations. Packaged in compostable cellophane with a slim ivory band, the beauty of each hand-placed ingredient shows through.

Available in 1oz. Bars or 3oz. Tablets 

roasters bar

Roaster’s 65% Peruvian dark chocolate bar studded with Mocha Joe’s Vermont-roasted Bolivian coffee beans, roasted hazelnuts & Atlantic Saltworks sea salt harvested off the coast of Gloucester, MA ℘

rouge bar

Rouge pretty pieces of 61% Venezuelan dark chocolate speckled with freeze-dried raspberries, dried hibiscus & pink peppercorns ℘

nibby milk bar

Nibby Milk creamy & caramel-y Venezuelan dark milk chocolate dusted with cacao nibs & mineral black Hawaiian sea salt


BrattleBar 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate studded with dried goji berries, raw pumpkin seeds, chia & hemp seeds ℘

blue lemon bar

Blue Lemon Colombian 65% dark chocolate tablet flecked with dried sweet blueberries & house-candied lemon peel ℘

Summer Berry beautiful, creamy Venezuelan cocoa-butter white chocolate speckled with dried raspberries, strawberries & blueberries

botanical bar

Botanical fruity, wine-y 58.5% dark Venezuelan chocolate strewn with French lavender, rose petals, hibiscus & calendula blossoms ℘

starry night bar

Starry Night 73% dark Venezuelan chocolate bar strewn with briny, sparkly Atlantic Saltworks sea salt crystals harvested off the coast of Gloucester, MA ℘

terrafunga bar

Terrafunga locally foraged maitake mushrooms from our friends at Terrafunga are candied and paired with a 61% single origin Venezuelan chocolate & toasted hazelnuts. Available in 1 oz. bars only℘

fireside bar

Fireside 65% dark chocolate scattered with toasted almonds, cacao nibs & smoked sea salt. Like a warm, toasty night beside a campfire, but much tastier ℘

heirloom tablet

it’s spring – limited edition seasonal bars coming soon!

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vegan/dairy free

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