affogato di cioccolato

The daylight hours are waning and temperatures are dropping, and these easy, delicious and cozy treats are perfect to celebrate the long nights and upcoming holidays!

A trio of delicious affogatos with chocolate from Tavernier Chocolates in Vermont

A traditional affogato, which means “drowned” in Italian, is a satisfying way to top off a meal. A combination of bitter and sweet & hot and cold, a scoop of vanilla bean gelato swims in freshly pulled espresso like a tender, tasty island. Chocolate can be a delicious stand-in for coffee, its richness and bitterness balancing the creamy sweetness of the ice cream, and a mocha is the best of both worlds. Add another layer of gustatory delight if you substitute a rich chocolate liqueur or dark beer (think “adult ice-cream float”). Scroll down for simple and delicious recipes!

Affogato mocha - espresso and ice cream in a mug

Mocha Affogato

Brew espresso on your stove-top Bialetti, or prepare a strong cup of coffee by your preferred method. While it’s still piping hot, stir in a heaping tablespoon of Drinking Chocolate or Sipping Cocoa Mix. Gently pour immediately around the edges of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream you’ve placed in a mug (we love Vermont Gelato Company or Walpole Creamery Ice Cream). The combination of the hot bittersweet chocolate and coffee and cold, creamy ice cream is so delightful!

Pro Tip: using straight-up Drinking Chocolate or Sipping Cocoa minus the coffee is wonderful, too!

Putney Mountain Winery liqueur being poured over affogato

Crème de Cacao Affogato

This past year we collaborated with our brilliant friends at Putney Mountain Winery to create a chocolate liqueur that packs a rich, smooth, fudge-y punch that’s not too sweet. We poured this delicious concoction, Simply Chocolate Liqueur, over a scoop of vanilla bean gelato from Vermont Gelato Company, and it was HEAVEN. The deep flavor of cacao nibs and a hint of alcohol were balanced perfectly by the gelato.

If you can’t find Simply Chocolate in your neck of the woods, any chocolate liqueur will work, or you can make your own rustic home brew with cacao nibs and 70 proof vodka and full spices. Check out our recipe for homemade spiced crème de cacao for another flavorful twist here!

three affogatos di cioccolatos

Chocolate Porter Affogato

We also had the honor to collaborate with our talented friends at Stone Corral, a Vermont craft brewer, this past summer to concoct a delicious, smooth maple chocolate porter that is not too sweet or too heavy. XX Chocolate Maple Porter poured over a scoop of gelato is an adult ice cream float to the 100th delicious degree! The bitterness and effervescence of the beer compliment the creamy, rich ice cream just beautifully. Sweet!

If you can’t find XX Chocolate Maple Porter near you, any chocolate porter or stout will work.

affogato in a small mug with stirring spoon

And voila. Three super easy ways to make dinner guests happy, or treat yourself to a special cup by the fire. Cheers!