chocolate charcuterie

We created our meat-free charcuterie au chocolat to pair with a wide array of cheeses, fruits, sauces and cured meats, and to be enjoyed with coffee, wine, craft beer and spirits. We suggest serving our textured, sliceable saucisson-style salami and mortadella, or smooth and spreadable pâté-style terrines with french bread or toasts, pizzelles, dried apricots, fresh fruits, shortbread cookies, sweet & crisp olive oil tortas, a zesty fruit sauce, cheeses & sliced cured meats, or whatever your heart desires. 

Check out our serving & pairing suggestions.

Chocolate Salami our take on a festive European tradition, vegetarian sliceable dark chocolate ganache log made with Vermont dairy, studded with housemade rosemary King Arthur Flour shortbread, marsala-marinated dried black mission figs, roasted hazelnuts, & dusted with organic fair trade certified powdered sugar & wrapped up in brick-colored butcher paper & twine to look like the real (but better!) thing. Purchase here

Chocolate Mortadella sliceable dark chocolate ganache log with Vermont dairy, studded with housemade cardamom King Arthur Flour shortbread, dried medjool dates & organic pistachios, dusted with fudge-y cocoa powder, all wrapped up in white butcher paper & black hemp twine. Purchase here

fromage-blanc-amok pate

Fromage Blanc Amok Pâté Chocolat bittersweet Venezuelan dark chocolate enriched with Spoonwood Cabin Creamery’s rich and tangy fromage blanc and Runamok Maple’s rye whiskey barrel aged maple syrup, wrapped in brown kraft paper with poppy-red twine. Purchase here

mont vert terrine

Mont Vert Pâté Chocolat a blend of deep, Venezuelan dark chocolate & creamy milk chocolate enriched with Vermont Creamery chèvre, Singing Cedars Apiaries raw honey, & a whiff of organically grown dried french lavender blossoms, wrapped in white butcher paper with natural hemp twine. Purchase here

Sapling Pâté Chocolat creamy texture with rich flavor, this velvety spreadable dark chocolate ganache is enriched with Vermont Creamery créme fraîche & fortified with a reduction of Saxtons River Distillery’s Sapling maple bourbon, wrapped in kraft butcher paper & black baker’s twine. Purchase here

bleu hour terrine

New! Bleu Hour Terrine Chocolat rich, sliceable & spreadable dark milk chocolate ganache brick textured with crisp smoked maple pecan praline & blended with Vermont’s award-winning Bayley Hazen Blue blue cheese. Purchase here

Please note: chocolate charcuterie are best consumed within 8 weeks of their creation and must be refrigerated. Store chocolate charcuterie at 41ºF or cooler. We recommend storing chocolate charcuterie in an air-tight container or re-sealable freezer bag in your refrigerator to keep humidity at bay.

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