Interview with BCTV

HERE WE ARE is a half-hour, weekly Talk Show on BCTV, our local community television station. It features a wide variety of local people of all ages — kids, teens, adults — to come on for conversation: lawyers,  bartenders, the homeless, dressmakers, town officials, ukelele players, drug counselors, skateboarders, and many more, including chocolatiers (that’s us!). Telling our stories and listening to each other, connecting and making connections in all our diversity, and all as part of this community is the driver behind the show, and Wendy dove into some great questions with Dar.

This interview covers a lot of ground in just a fraction of an hour, from Dar’s distant and recent past leading up to her singular approach when working with chocolate. Let us know if you want to know more about anything we talked about and touched on in this conversation!

Thank you, Wendy, for hosting Dar, it was a great pleasure! Watch the full interview on YouTube.