Whipped chèvre with cocoa, spices & hot honey drizzle

Flavorful dips and spreads are the perfect thing to put out for a party! Unsweetened cocoa is your secret weapon with creative spice combinations to make this unforgettable hors d’oeuvre for guests. We love combining soft goat cheese with olive oil and spices, whipping it in a food processor until fluffy and perfectly spreadable and dippable. We served this with crackers at our 9th anniversary party and it was a hit!


•10 oz soft goat cheese (chèvre)

•3 Tbsp olive oil plus more as needed

•1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

•3 tsp smoked paprika or ground chipotle

•5 saffron threads, ground in palm with fingers and added to mixture

•salt & pepper to taste

•hot honey warmed in microwave, or heat open jar on stovetop in waterbath on low heat until honey is liquid. Or, one week beforehand infuse 1-2 whole birds eye chili peppers per 4 oz. warmed honey, store in dark place with tight lid and remove peppers before using.


Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix together so spices and cocoa powder are evenly distributed.

Transfer to food processor.

Add olive oil, then blend on low setting until mixture is smooth and creamy with no noticeable lumps, adding more olive oil if necessary bit by bit through the slit in the top of the food processor until mixture reaches a thick, creamy consistency.

Taste and if needed add more salt and pepper and blend a second or two.

This looks just right:

Transfer to serving bowl and drizzle with hot honey. Serve immediately with bread, crackers or crudité. And a side of chocolate!

party table image with gratitude to Cindy Hutcheson