St Patrick's Day bonbons



Our collection of bonbons celebrates the day with four luscious bites inspired by Irish folklore and tradition with a Vermont twist.

In Irish legend hazel trees grew around the well situated at the end of the world. Their nuts fell into the well and were carried from its waters to the seven rivers of Ireland, where they were eaten by the salmon of knowledge. The Gaelic word for hazelnuts is a combination of cno, and the word for wisdom, cnocach, and hazelnuts were believed to be sources of wisdom and poetic inspiration.

In Irish myth, Brigid, the goddess of poetry and husbandry, was the owner of a castrated ram named Cirb who was king of all the rams and sheep of Ireland, including the seven magical sheep owned by the sea god Manannán. Hardy sheep have been on the island nearly as long as humans and are perfectly suited to the weather and landscape, and  provide Ireland with milk, meat and wool to this day. The tangy earthiness of sheep milk yogurt (our favorite is from Vermont Shepherd) is absolutely lovely with chocolate and toasty hazelnuts.

The Irish make the most wonderful whiskey, which comes from the Irish uisce beatha, meaning water of life. ‘Nuf said.

Irish breakfast tea is a blend, often with Assam and Ceylon leaves, and its strong, malty aroma blends beautifully with dark chocolate.

This collection is lovely with a finger of whiskey to slowly savor.

Choose from a box of 4 pieces (1 each flavor) or 8 pieces (two each flavor):

Sheep’s Milk Baaaaaci dark chocolate truffle with sheep’s milk yogurt ganache and a toasted hazelnut finished with dark chocolate salt & pepper “sod” rich, tangy, fudgy

Toasted Cheese Truffle dark chocolate ganache folded with rich and cheddary caramel made with Kerrygold Dubliner grass-fed cow’s milk cheese finished with smoked sea salt umami, buttery, toasty

Irish Whiskey & Breakfast Tea Truffle Jameson Irish whiskey and Irish breakfast tea dark chocolate ganache finished with tea-soaked cacao nibs bittersweet, earthy, bright, deep dark

Maple Oatmeal Stout Truffle Four Phantoms Hand of Doom maple oatmeal stout and Vermont maple syrup ganache finished with maple orange sea salt sweet, rich 


dark chocolate (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower or soy lecithin, natural vanilla), Vermont maple syrup, unrefined cane sugar, sheep milk yogurt, organic heavy cream, Irish cheese, Irish butter, Cabot butter, hazelnuts, Irish whiskey, Irish breakfast tea, sea salt
Allergen info: contains soy, dairy, nuts (hazelnuts)
Made in a facility that processes nuts, wheat, dairy & soy.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Enjoy within 7 days for best flavor and texture experience.