harvest time flavors archive

As we follow the harvests during the spring, summer, winter and fall, we create chocolate bonbons with fresh local farmed and foraged ingredients, coming up with creative recipes that are unusual and delicious, and designed visually to tell a story. Below is a list of some of our favorites which we will add to as we create more each season. Bon appétit!

Cornbread coupes

Dark chocolate coupe filled with white chocolate rosemary and sweet corn ganache poured over herbed shortbread crumb and topped with shards of sweet Hungarian pepper glass candy

strawberry rhubarb coupes 2018

Dark chocolate coupe filled with a bittersweet chocolate ganache deepened with a local strawberry+rhubarb+balsamic reduction, finished with local basil and candied cacao nib dust and a sliver of candied rhubarb

Dark chocolate cups filled with saffron-perfumed dark chocolate ganache, topped with fresh local blueberries and locally grown cornflower confetti for a sweet burst, or fresh local red currants and locally grown hyssop for a tart and herbaceous counterpoint

Ramp dark chocolate coupes with dark chocolate salt & pepper soil and white chocolate “perlite”, looking like little seed starter pots in celebration of springtime planting

Vegan coconut milk dark chocolate ganache enlivened with freshly juiced local ginger garnished with local dried crabapple cut-outs that we glazed with locally crafted ginger liqueur and a sprinkling of herby cilantro-infused sugar

Open-faced caramelized garlic scape truffles with a white chocolate brown butter ganache in a dark chocolate shell, garnished with a candied local scape

Balsamic beurre noir chocolate coupe with a fresh strawberry, crystallized rhubarb and basil-infused sugar

White chocolate ganache perfumed with Vermont foraged wild ginger rolled into log shapes and dipped in dark chocolate with a dusting of Vermont wild fennel blossoms

Seasonal Chocolate Coupe - currants

Dark chocolate ganache perfumed with local fruits cassis finished with gold, pink and black currants in a dark chocolate coupe

White chocolate perfumed with a whiff of local rhubarb and housemade rosewater, with a piece of crystalized rhubarb balanced across a dark chocolate shell

White chocolate honey ganache with local gilfeather turnip finished with ruby beet powder with a side of white chocolate lemon basil and sea salt mendiants

Dark chocolate and Vermont cultured butter pavés perfumed with locally foraged wild ginger rolled in cocoa powder

Briny sea-salted white chocolate ganache with wild beach rose dipped in dark chocolate, finished with candied rose buds (candied rose buds pictured here)

•Local fresh young ginger and homegrown lemon balm white chocolate ganache finished with a dried edible blossom

•Elderflower honey white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate couple with candied elderflower and fennel sugar