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We do not use preservatives, so our chocolates are best when enjoyed soon after we’ve made them.
For best flavor & texture, keep chocolate bonbons & bars in a cool, dry, dark place (ideal temperature between 60-70ºF).
Our recommended timetable for eating (the sooner the fresher & better!):
Truffles: within 10-14 days
Filled/molded chocolates: within two months
Tablets, tiles, mendiants & barks: within 6 months
Pavés: within 7 days, refrigerated within 21 days
Bars: within 6 months
Pâté chocolate, chocolate terrines, chocolate salami: 6 weeks refrigerated. Store chocolate charcuterie at 41ºF or cooler. We recommend storing it in an air-tight container or re-sealable freezer bag in your refrigerator to keep humidity at bay.
To cut down on waste, we don’t use plastic packaging or dividers. Our kraft boxes are recyclable and use 100% recycled boxboard and 100% recycled papers, and our cellophane bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our paper box bands and bag tags are recyclable. We compost or recycle our food and paper waste
Allergen Info: Tavernier chocolates are made in a kitchen that uses soy, dairy, eggs, wheat & nuts. Those with nut allergies should not eat our chocolates.
Our chocolates are vegetarian, & many vegan. This symbol ℘ indicates which of our offerings are safe for vegans.
You can order a selection of our chocolates online. Please note that we ship a limited selection of our chocolates during the summer months of June through August due to warm temperatures.
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