Pure, flavorful ingredients, respectfully prepared, make the recipe. We’re lucky to live in a fertile river valley in Southern Vermont, a place where organic farmers and artisanal food producers abound, and where people approach good, wholesome food as both an art and a necessity. It’s only natural that we use the most delicious and nutritious organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. When we are not able to use locally sourced, seasonal fruits and herbs, we search out the highest quality, most delicious American grown fruits and ingredients we can find. As travelers, our tastebuds are inspired by adventurous flavors from cuisines around the world. We continue our explorations in the kitchen by using local and global ingredients in exciting new combinations, all inspired by the particular flavor profile of each chocolate, carefully chosen for each recipe.

It’s important to us that our central ingredient, chocolate, not only tastes good, but does good, too. We use single origin chocolate from Venezuela, as well as American and French couverture sourced from South America that are produced following fair trade precepts, either as cooperatives or ethically estate-run farms. Like fine wines and coffee, the people behind our couverture strive to innovate farming and processing methods to create the most delicious chocolate available.

Some of our regional partners: