summer test kitchen

birdnest wings

ringing in spring with our Birds Nest chocolates

ramp coupes gold eggs strawrhub men forest path bonbon deep mint xocolatl mayan pyramid

Some of our new & limited edition bonbons so far this season, from top L-R: locally foraged Ramp Coupes, Golden Hen Eggs with local egg yolk-enriched dark chocolate ganache, strawberry & candied local rhubarb white chocolate mendiants, new Forest Path bonbons with matcha, locally foraged evergreen needle & dark chocolate salt+pepper soil, Deep Mint bonbons with our own homegrown mint & local basil, new Xocolatl Mayan Pyramids with a vegan dark chocolate, avocado & coconut milk ganache infused with chilis & spices

Summertime is here, our favorite time of the chocolate year, and we are busy creating new limited edition recipes with the bounty from local farms, forests and makers.

So far the season has been a rainy one, with temperatures swinging between cool and better fire-up-the-woodstove to hot and muggy. Our mint has absolutely thrived in these extremes, so we plan on making batches of Deep Mint Bonbons throughout the summer along with locally grown basil for a fresh herbal bite.

We will introduce a new bonbon or two every week at the Farmers Market, so check out our website and follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see what our latest creations are for that week!

Summertime is also a busy time in our test kitchen, as we develop new recipes for our winter holiday catalog and to add to our classic bonbon menu. Starting in the early fall we’ll begin our busy production season creating our holiday offerings. Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the festive goodness you’ll likely see later this year:

holiday cranberry pistachio bar holiday evergreen tile pack holiday open fire collection holiday stuffed & dipped figs