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Autumn Chocolates savoring the bounty of our garden, local farms, fields & forestsFind these creations at our Factory Shop or Saturday Farmers Market Booth or in our Online Shop  ℘ vegan/dairy-free

Forage Collection forage collection box Forage Collection Detail

Our Forage Collection of chocolate truffles are made from foraged mushrooms, Vermont dairy & other locally sourced ingredients for an umami-rich, earthy flavor experience you won’t find anywhere else……..Purchase here

Frost Truffle in honor of the native Brattleboro frost’s bolete mushroom, we use dried porcini from France & blend in locally foraged when available, & pair it with burnt caramel in dark chocolate ganache, add a touch of homegrown dried rosemary, & hand-dip it in dark chocolate dusted with French mahogany cocoa powder

Black Trumpet Truffle earthy, peaked domes of locally foraged Black Trumpet mushrooms from Terrafunga in 80% dark chocolate ganache made with Vermont heavy cream & Runamok Maple’s pecan smoked maple syrup, hand dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with black cocoa powder

White Truffle earthy cocoa butter-rich white chocolate ganache made with Vermont heavy cream & browned butter, infused with swirls of musky Italian white truffle mushroom oil, hand rolled & dusted with mahogany cocoa powder

Chanterelle Truffle creamy dark milk chocolate ganache made with sweet Vermont heavy cream infused with locally foraged chanterelle mushrooms from Terrafunga, topped with a thin crunchy layer of sliced almonds, & dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder

Chaga Mushroom Truffle a blend of dark & milk chocolates fortified with Vermont foraged chaga mushroom tea & locally harvested & crafted black birch syrup, hand rolled & dusted with black cocoa powder

total eclipse chocolate bonbon

Total Eclipse Bonbon 70% dark chocolate ganache blended with High Meadows Farm fermented black garlic & toasted black sesame seeds, finished with black Hawaiian sea salt

deep mint

Deep Mint Bonbon 75% dark chocolate ganache-filled leaves infused with organic fresh local basil & mint from our garden


Pommeau Pavés bittersweet dark chocolate meltaways spiked with Putney Mountain Winery’s apple brandy made with local fruit, dredged in maple cocoa powder


Midsummer Night 90% deep dark chocolate studded with plump tart cherries. Comes in 1 oz. bar or 3 oz. tablet ℘

Fromage Blanc Amok Pâté our newest addition to our charcuterie chocolat, creamy 70% dark chocolate ganache enriched with Spoonwood Cabin Creamery’s tangy & rich fromage blanc and Runamok Maple’s rye barrel aged maple syrup, perfect for spreading on a baguette and enjoying with a glass of bourbon.  Purchase here

chocolate grilling sauce & marinade

Chocolate Grilling Sauce & Marinade made with dark chocolate, locally roasted coffee, pomegranate molasses, locally crafted nasturtium vinegar, Vermont maple bourbon, & our own molé spice blend that packs a nice amount of heat. Delicious on pork, chicken, beef, tofu, tempe, eggplant, bell peppers, ice cream, just about everything! Makes a a fab marinade

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