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June2017 CSC

Summer Chocolates savoring the bounty of our garden, local farms, fields & forests ℘ vegan/dairy-free

June Subscription Box 

Summer Stroll Collection:
•two Deep Mint Bonbons: 75% dark chocolate ganache-filled leaves infused with fresh organic mint and basil from our own garden
•two Forest Path Bonbons: strewn with mossy matcha powder, locally foraged evergreen needle, dark chocolate salt & pepper soil and dark chocolate petit pine cone on a bed of 43% dark milk chocolate
•5 oz. Mont Vert terrine made with Vermont Creamery chévre, Vermont raw honey and a pinch of lavender
•1 oz. Midsummer Night bar made with 90% dark chocolate with tobacco, red berry & anise notes, studded with plump dried tart cherries. New & exclusive to our chocolate subscription holders!
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deep mint

Deep Mint Bonbon 75% dark chocolate ganache-filled leaves infused with organic fresh local basil & mint from our garden


Midsummer Night 90% deep dark chocolate studded with plump tart cherries. Comes in 1 oz. bar or 3 oz. tablet ℘

Fromage Blanc Amok Pâté our newest addition to our charcuterie chocolat, creamy 70% dark chocolate ganache enriched with Spoonwood Cabin Creamery’s tangy & rich fromage blanc and Runamok Maple’s rye barrel aged maple syrup, perfect for spreading on a baguette and enjoying with a glass of bourbon.  Purchase here

Birds Nest an homage to our favorite tree dwellers, a pair each of white chocolate dried blueberry, milk chocolate atlantic sea salt crystal, dark chocolate raspberry eggs , & pure dark chocolate birds  

milk & honey bonbon

Milk & Honey Bonbon an ode to our hard-working pollinators, delightful milk chocolate bee skep with crisp bits of local raw honey honeycomb toffee. 

new limited edition recipes from the chocolate lab with local, seasonal ingredients:


Chaga Chestnut Bonbon dark chocolate ganache blended with chestnut paste, Vermont foraged chaga mushroom infusion & local black birch syrup in a dark chocolate chestnut… available at June 24 Farmers Market

strawrhub men

Strawberry Rhubarb Mendiant dried strawberry & candied local rhubarb on a white chocolate medallion with a pinch of basil-infused sugar. Pairs deliciously with a rosé! available at June through July Farmers Markets

smokehouse bonbon

Smokehouse Bonbon limited edition recipe in honor of dads & father figures, an umami-rich dark milk chocolate ganache made with humanely raised pork lard from Vermont’s Wild Shepherd Farm and Runamok Maple’s pecan smoked maple syrup, finished with Atlantic Saltworks cold smoked rye barrel sea salt. Rich & bacon-y flavor notes available at June 17 Farmers Market for Father’s Day

gold eggs

Golden Hen Egg bittersweet dark chocolate ganache enriched with Circle Mountain Farm’s organic egg yolk to create a filling beyond rich and creamy, encased in a hand-painted gold & dark chocolate shell  available at May 20 Farmers Market

ramp coupes

Ramp Coupe dark milk chocolate ganache blended with caramelized locally & sustainably foraged wild leek piped into a dark chocolate cup and topped with dark chocolate, sea salt & long black pepper soil with creamy white chocolate pebbles available at May 13 Farmers Market

Available exclusively in our Factory Shop and Farmers Market booth, limited editions in our online shop, and monthly selections in our Chocolate Subscription Boxes. ℘ vegan/dairy-free


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