seasonal collections / maple & easter chocolates

Sap Season Chocolates a celebration of trees

Available exclusively in our Factory Shop and Farmers Market booth, limited editions in our online shop, and monthly selections in our Chocolate Subscription Boxes. ℘ vegan/dairy-free

cabane a sucre

Cabane á Sucre a collection of our maple truffles, filled chocolates and bonbons, in a cozy little box. Collection includes a selection of our classic chocolates: maple sugar caramel logs, maple walnut créme cobblestone ℘, smoked maple praline geode ℘, a milk chocolate maple candied hazelnut mendiant pair, as well as a seasonal maple creme egg ℘

maple subscription box

March Chocolate Subscription Share our monthly box contains a selection of our most popular maple chocolates, including a Cabane á Sucre Collection, a Sapling Maple Bourbon Terrine Chocolat, and a dark chocolate Maple Nugget Bar. Purchase here

hermit thrush bonbon

Sweet & Sour Peak a peaked pyramidal mountain filled with dark chocolate ganache enlivened with a reduction of Hermit Thrush Brewery Rowdy Monk barrel aged sour quadruple & Runamok Maple hibiscus infused maple syrup sold out

honest weight bonbon

Bittersweet Bonbon a modernist dark chocolate mountain filled with dark chocolate ganache enriched with caramelized Honest Weight Beer bourbon barrel aged They Reminisce Over You rye ale & Runamok Maple rye barrel aged maple syrup, with just a whiff of freshly grated nutmeg

birch chestnut bonbon

Dusk Bonbon dark chocolate ganache blended with puréed chestnuts and deep, dark local black birch syrup, encased in a dark chocolate chestnut shell bottomed with creamy dark milk chocolate sold out

bird nest box

Birds Nest an homage to our favorite tree dwellers, pure white, milk and dark chocolate bird pairs nestled in a kraft paper nest with pure chocolate eggs deckled with dried fruits and salts. Purchase here

fromage blanc amok

Fromage Blanc Amok Truffle 70% dark chocolate ganache enriched with Spoonwood Cabin Creamery’s tangy & rich fromage blanc and Runamok Maple’s rye barrel aged maple syrup, hand dipped in dark chocolate back in stock soon


new limited edition recipes coming soon from the chocolate lab, including:

Smokehouse Bonbon a umami-rich dark chocolate ganache made with humanely raised pork lard from Vermont’s Wild Shepherd Farm and Runamok Maple’s pecan smoked maple syrup, finished with Atlantic Saltworks cold smoked rye barrel sea salt.

Oaked Chaga Truffle dark milk chocolate ganache infused with chaga mushroom foraged from Vermont birch and Runamok Maple’s bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, hand rolled into rustic chunky shapes & coated in cocoa powder

Créme Fraîche Caramel Conk our take on the classic turtle, rich, soft, chewy caramel made with Vermont créme fraîche & cinnamon/vanilla -infused maple syrup nestled on a bed of walnuts, dolloped with dark & milk chocolates & finished with Atlantic Saltworks sea salt

Easter Chocolates

solid chocolate rabbits

Large Rabbits solid dark℘, milk & white chocolate hares. Purchase here

bag o bunnies

Bag o’ Bunnies two each of solid dark, milk & white mini bunnies for a total of six or six dark chocolate mini bunnies ℘ Purchase here

bird nest 2

Birds Nest two solid dark chocolate petit birds ℘ nestled next to pairs of dark chocolate raspberry ℘, white chocolate blueberry & milk chocolate atlantic sea salt eggs. Purchase here

maple creme egg

Maple Créme Egg creamy, delightful Runamok Maple maple fondant in a crisp dark chocolate shell with a “yolk” made from the same pure fondant colored with turmeric & infused with Runamok Maple’s vanilla & cinnamon infused maple syrup ℘

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℘ vegan/dairy-free



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