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Our rich & flavorful drinking chocolates are delicious & easy to use. Stir into frothed warm milk, or, if you are a purist or culinary adventurer mix with hot water or a combination of both, to create a hot chocolate drink unlike any you have experienced. Equally wonderful in coffee, chai or espresso drinks. Crisp cookies or biscotti, or warm toasts with our chocolate pâté are fantastic accompaniments to your delicious chocolate drink. ℘ vegan/dairy-free

dark chocolate submarino

Chocolate Submarinos an Argentinian tradition, made from 65% dark chocolate℘ or 43% milk chocolate to create a thick & creamy drink perfect for after dinner or a cool night. Just stir into coffee or your favorite hot beverage, nibbling away at the pure chocolate stick as you enjoy. Purchase submarinos here


Drinking Chocolate Pure ground dark chocolate to whisk into hot water or warm milk or vegan mylk to create a thick, rich, flavorful Parisian-style drinking chocolate  coming in  January 2018

sipping cocoa

Sipping Cocoa Mixes make a rich & creamy drink from a blend of pure ground dark chocolate & deep, dark Swiss cocoa powder that melts smoothly when stirred into hot milk, hot dairy-free grain or nut milks, or coffee & espresso drinks. Choose from our flavorful recipes:

Original Dark Chocolate℘ sweetened with just a bit of raw sugar

Spicy Xocolatl℘ with our own blend of warming South American spices, a pinch of masa harina & the heat of chili pepper

Forest Blend with locally foraged spruce & homegrown mint

ChocoChai℘ with Chai-Wallah‘s Indian spice blend

Bonfire Blend dark milk chocolate with a pinch of cozy smoked sea salt & a dash of New England maple sugar sweetness

all coming in  January 2018

℘ vegan/dairy-free



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